Will Neuralink be able to aid those with ADHD and ADD?

Hi Guys, How are you all. Today we are going to talk about “Will Neuralink be able to aid those with ADHD and ADD in the Future?”. Let’s first talk about ADHD:

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ADHD refers to Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, it is the most common neurological disorder among children. It is usually first diagnosed in childhood and often sometimes lasts into adulthood.

This disorder causes children to lose control of attention, concentration, and impulsive behavior. ADHD is mainly caused by differences in the brain’s ability to pay attention.

Symptoms of ADHD:

  1. Make careless mistakes
  2. Forget things
  3. Always Day Dreaming
  4. Difficulties getting along with others
  5. Lack of concentration, or attention
  6. Taking unnecessary risks

I have written only some important symptoms here, you will get more information about them on the government’s health sites.


Now let’s talk about ADD. It refers to Attention Deficit Disorder, it also describes a neurological disorder in which patients face problems regarding distractibility and poor working memory.

This disorder is much like AHDH, but there is a title difference in it. ADHD is official, a medical term for this type of condition while ADD is the now-outdated term that is typically used to describe inattentive-type ADHD.

Symptoms of ADD:

  1. Carelessness
  2. Poor organizational skills
  3. Restlessness
  4. Edginess
  5. Misplacing things

Now let’s talk about Will Neuralink be able to cure ADHD and ADD

We all know that Elon Musk founded Neuralink with keeping future problems in mind. In which his company is going to put a brain chip in the human brain which will connect our brain to the computer.

For now, this company only has two goals.

  1. Transforming Humans into Cyber Humans to Avoid the Threat of AI in the Future
  2. Treating all brain-related disorders

Now, we know that ADHD and ADD are both neurological diseases, which have a direct connection with our brain. It means, in the future if Neuralink is successful in its goal, then it will easily be able to aid those with ADHD and ADD.

Not only these disorders but there are also many brain disorders that Neuralink will cure in the future. Disorders like: Paralysis, Mental Disorder, Headaches, Depression, Addiction, and Anxiety, etc.


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