Elon Musk’s Neuralink Update – October 2021 | Neuralink Human Trials

Hi Guys, In this article, We’ll cover the latest comment from Elon Musk on the timing for Neuralink’s FDA Human Trials.  After that, We’ll briefly discuss Facebook’s pending pivot to focus more on virtual reality and their rumored name change.

We’ll also share an update highlighting Neuralink’s key open roles and then Neuralink got some recognition for being a top startup. Alongside some recognition for one of Neuralink’s leaders Siobhan Zillis. And at the last, We’ll close with some Neurolink Metrics.

Neuralink’s FDA Human Trials

At the end of September Elon spoke at an Italian tech conference, he was asked about Neuralink and gave this answer:

“Neuralink will attempt to solve a number of brain injuries and brain diseases. So our first application for example is to enable someone who is a quadriplegic or tetraplegic to be able to control their computer or their phone just by thinking.

And we’ve already demonstrated this actually with a monkey that can play video games and use a mouse cursor and click on things on a computer and so we’re very confident this will work and hopefully, we’ll have our first human trials in the next six months or so”.

Neuralink Human Trials
Neuralink Human Trials

Then right after this, the interviewer asked the other panel member John Elkin, How he sees the Cyborg World? John is the CEO of Exor a holding company that has ownership stakes in companies like Ferrari, Atlantis, and the economist

He answered “Well I think that we are in a decade where we’re going to see the evolution of our smartphones which is the first application of being cyborgs change. And how will that object evolve you could argue that it’s going to be with you know we have all these glasses that are going to allow us to use AR and VR technologies or as an extension of what Neuralink is doing we could actually ourselves be enabled with technology.

The next evolution of the smartphone is going to reach the market eventually, whether it’s wearable devices like Fitbit, Snaps Spectacles, or Facebook’s oculus quest 2 or implanted brain-machine interfaces. The future where our brain is immersed in a virtual world is inevitable.

As a human race, we are already spending countless hours online. Plus when was the last time Apple released a new iPhone feature it’s time for something completely different.

Seeing that this is where the industry is headed how could tech giants like Facebook, Apple, or Google afford not to work on virtual reality and bring machine interface projects”.

Facebook – The Virtual Reality Space

Facebook appears to be the tech giant leaning most into the virtual reality space. The company has worked on various VR initiatives in the past. It’s been several years since they acquired Oculus VR in 2014 but the space is starting to heat back up and it looks like Facebook is starting to prepare for their next major step as a company.

Last month the chief technology officer or CTO of Facebook Mike Chauffeur announced that the VP of Facebook reality labs Andrew Bosworth will be taking over a CTO in 2022.

Prior to that developments with portal oculus and ray-ban stories all demonstrated more progress. Rewind even further back to July 2021 where Mark Zuckerberg the CEO and founder of Facebook stated this on the verge cast podcast:

“I think all of these different initiatives that we have at Facebook, today I think will basically ladder up together to contribute to helping to build this metaverse vision. You know my hope if we do this well I think over the next five years or so in this next chapter of our company you know I think we’ll we will effectively transition from you know people seeing us as primarily being a social media company to being a metaverse company”.

Neuralink Got Some Recognition For Being A Top Startup

First Neurolinks recruiting leader Mike Rubino posted this on LinkedIn “The team is looking for a director of software engineering if you or someone you know might be qualified for the position I encourage you to apply”.

Neuralink Human Trials
Neuralink Human Trials

The second is a position posted by Siobhan Zillas “I personally believe this would be among the coolest positions that a young motivated engineering graduate could have. You probably work on constantly changing projects and need to be very dedicated but the upside of having the cool experiences working with a great team would be life-altering”.

A few days ago she also posted this on Twitter “I really do think even 100 to 200 well-focused engineering minds could accelerate progress in this field by a decade. It’s just often not intuitive to a software engineer or chip designer just how much they can contribute to furthering the field.”

Speaking of Siobhan she was recently recognized by AI Magazine as one of the top 10 women leaders in ai. Neuralink also received some recognition on a Linkedin list of top US startup companies. Congrats to both Siobhan and Neuralink for their recognition I suspect that there will be more to come in the future.

Everything ALS

There’s a study being conducted by a non-profit organization named EverythingALS. They’re trying to detect ALS symptoms by just listening to and watching people speak. The team currently has around 750 participants in the study and only needs 250 more to get to the goal of a thousand.

Although almost anyone can participate the team is mostly in need of males who don’t have ALS to serve as a control group for the study. I’ve been participating and would like to encourage you all to help out the time commitment is approximately 15 minutes a week for a year.

To participate go to https://www.everythingals.org/research

Neuralink Employee Count

The Neuralink employee count shown on Linkedin is now above the recent dip. Last I saw the team is comprised of 190 employees for some context.

By my estimation, Tesla is about to reach the 100,000 employee mark within the next four months and Spacex is likely around 15,000 thousand.

Regardless Neuralink is a fraction of their size and although it’s comparing mushrooms to broccoli it’s possible that Neuralink will have north of 10,000 employees in the future.

Communication With the Dog By Neuralink

Lastly in that initial interview with Elon, he discussed what might happen if you could use a Neuralink to communicate with your dog it’s funny to think about the long-term possibilities once Neuralink is more mature.

He said “But I think you could communicate with your dog, I suppose. Although I think I know what my dog would want, he only wants about four different things it’s like food, water, going outside, and being petted. But maybe there’s more to it than that maybe he has a secret life of dogs that we just don’t know exists.”


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