Can Elon Musk’s Neuralink Cure Blindness

Can Elon Musk’s Neuralink Cure Blindness: The human body is fragile, prone to failure, and everyone is destined to fall apart at some point in their lives. As they say, the only thing you can count on in life is death and taxes. But Elon Musk’s new Neuralink promises to slow the aging process and help people with all kinds of degenerative diseases.

Launched in 2016, Neuralink is a biotech company that wants to put chips inside human heads. The big idea with Neuralink is that it will one day replace all kinds of technology – things like your phone and your computer. Or, give you another way to interact with them.

Neuralink will connect directly to your brain. And if it sounds scary, it’s because it’s kind of like this—nothing like this has been done before. Musk says the Neuralink is like a “Fitbit inside your skull” — and the applications for the technology are truly staggering.

Musk has already shown Neuralink working inside a monkey’s head. The monkey in question was able to play a computer game using the power of its brain – it controlled a computer game telepathically. Neuralink has also implanted a chip inside a pig’s head.

Basically, Neuralink has proven that its technology works. Neuralink Human trials were supposed to start in 2020, but COVID delayed things.

Most reports agree that we will likely see the first human test subject running Neuralink during 2021. Neuralink is now in the process of working with the FDA to make this happen.

Can Neuralink Cure Blindness?

Before people can walk around with a Neuralink chip in their heads, there’s a lot of moral stuff out there. But Musk has discussed its potential applications several times.

Musk says Neuralink can restore limb function, improve human movement, resolve vision and hearing issues. He also said that people with Parkinson’s disease would benefit from the Neuralink chip.

These are bold claims, even earth-shaking claims. But Musk is confident that Neuralink, given the time and a clear path to market, could improve the lives of people living with some of the most debilitating diseases.

And this, along with its other applications, could eventually see Neuralink become one of the largest technology companies in history over the next few decades.

I say, decades because it’s likely a) to warm up to the idea of ​​giving the public a tech company inside their heads, and b) to use Neuralink to its full potential, which seems to be the most There is deep integration, a complete, system-wide re-routing of neural networks failing in the head and spine.

But before that can happen, Neuralink will need to prove it’s safe, effective, and have long-term data on its effects on the human body and mind, before it can be approved for use by the public. , This may take decades or more. But Neuralink is making progress faster than anyone could have predicted.

Think about it: By 2030, you can essentially override most of your body’s neural networks by replacing them with AI-powered networks.

Not only that, but with your newly augmented mind, you’ll be able to pass your thoughts on to other Neuralink users, control things with your mind, and potentially recover or overcome some of the most dreaded ailments that currently afflict mankind – things like ALS and Parkinson’s.


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