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The first Neuralink Brain Chip implanted in a human brain connects the human brain directly to the hard drive of a physical computer. Without wires, without cables. We have biology that allows us to do this already. We have what those chips are allowing us to do.

When we learn to access these mirror neurons in a very specific way, we have super-learning. I mean, we can learn very quickly. We are at this critical crossroads where we are developing and developing our technology so rapidly.

Neuralink Brain Chip
Neuralink Brain Chip

We have to make choices as a society. How much of our power will we give to the machines? How much does this sound like a science fiction movie? Where do those movies come from, it’s the consciousness in those movies that are asking us to explore.

How much do we want to give of ourselves? And here’s a perfect example, Elon Musk. Elon Musk has developed a company called NeuraLink. And he doesn’t have a philosophy and I’m not insulting him for that, because that’s what society learns from.

This is the way science learns by pushing boundaries. And Elon Musk is a brilliant man, he is pushing those boundaries. And I think he will keep pushing them until he is pushed back from society.

NeuraLink Brain Chip is the first chip to be implanted in the human brain, connecting the human brain directly to the hard drive of a physical computer without the need for cables. So it’s like Bluetooth technology. It goes beyond Bluetooth, but you can think of it that way.

So what he’s saying is that if you can’t beat the machines and connect to them, he said, let’s interface. Let’s become one with these machines. So what do you think about it?

They have chips that can be implanted in the brain. And I mean, think about what’s going on. These are silicon chips that have contact points that are interfacing with human neurons.

And I also agree that it’s an unnecessary path because we have biology that allows us to do this already, what those Neuralink brain chips are allowing us to do if we wake up to that biology. The Matrix movie is the perfect example.

People who were waking up to the new reality when they needed to learn something quickly had a port at the base of their skull and they physically plugged a cable into a computer or hard drive and they could download and learn programs.

We have the ability to do that right now through functions called mirror neurons. Interestingly, mirror neurons are a special class of neurons in the human brain, which do not know the difference between seeing and feeling and experiencing.

So when we and we already know this, eg. That’s why you can lie on your couch on a Sunday afternoon watching a soccer game or golf tournament or whatever else you have lying around. But you’re looking at us and your heart is racing, your muscles tense.

You might be sweating, maybe, you know, breathing heavily, and but you’re just lying there. I mean, if you think about it, it doesn’t make any sense. Your mirror neurons think you are on the field. Now let’s watch while playing.

It is that and these are very powerful neurons, and they are also powerful in addiction. This is why pornography, for example, is so powerful. It’s so addictive because when someone views those images with mirror neurons, it triggers the same oxytocin and the same dopamine.

Same addictive chemistry because the brain doesn’t know the difference between seeing and experiencing. So these are the bad things we hear. The cool thing we don’t often hear is that the brain knows the difference.

When we learn to access these mirror neurons in a very specific way we have super learning. I do it personally I mean we can learn very quickly. We can learn music that you can learn to perform the way another musician would.

Learn a foreign language very quickly, you can not only retain but also remember information, very super-learning super memory, super retention, super recall from mirror neurons. It is in the sixth layer of the neural cortex that is formed and here it is possible to kick those mirror neurons through a mysterious DNA fusion.

It was 200,000 years ago when we showed who or whatever is responsible for our existence, whatever the source of the information. And it appears, those neurons made that possible. And it gives us potential.

If we choose to use this ability very quickly to learn and experience, we do not need to be physically connected to a computer. But this is an instance where if we don’t know that, and we go down this road. I mean, it won’t stop there.

We finally pass our power to a tool and you’ve heard the old axiom of user confusion. And we run I think there’s a risk of becoming a species, where we start to lose this tremendously checked, beautiful potential.

And where are parts of that already getting lost, because we’re no longer learning the same way and motivating our brains to learn the language?

Today we ask youth to solve math problems without the use of phones or calculators. Yes. Now I come from a generation. And it’s all happened in a generation.

In the 1960s, Engineers were using a slide rule to land the first man on the moon. Now some of our viewers don’t even know what a slide rule is. This is a harbinger of no electricity. It’s a gadget that looks like a ruler with a slide that you can use to move and correlate certain numbers.

And that’s how engineering happened in World War II, the atomic bomb, that’s how we solved our problems.

Most people worry about the fact that they do not have a phone. They mention it all the time. It is part of their consciousness. And so, as I hear about Ilan, he said the problem is no longer the problem, maybe the good part, according to mee is bandwidth.

Because We have our thumbs to get the information from our brain into this, this network, this internet platform. And so Ilan is proposing that we jack up that bandwidth, and get all of the downloaded interaction between us and this supercomputing, the super interconnected network around the world, and then take ourselves to that next level.

And so I think Ilan is a proponent or he’s just saying it’s going to happen, so let’s make it happen.


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  1. Elon, I may have been given the info to do this without your chip 5o years ago. I will invite you to look at it. To see if you can make it work. This was given to me by 2 entities or as I described them as individuals
    This is word for word that I wrote down.
    “The mind is an area of ultra static energy composed of illusant matter comprised of three basic intermediate substances. The way of reaching each substance is at hand
    A clearly defined area of the brain will show the pathway for each substance to be revealed. This is called myrilogued (?) phenomena”… If you are interested in the rest then contact me, there is much more. This happened to me in 1971 or 1972 when I was 20-21. I am not a crackpot who’s looking for attention. I’ve been holding this for 50 years and I am determined to find out what this means!

  2. I suffer dropfoot from a spinal- fusion L4/L5 with residual nerve damage. So if there ever comes a day when you need a volunteer, count me in!
    I would love to help.

  3. I believe Elon and NeuraLink (NL) may have been compromised a few years ago when a group of hackers (Gang Stalkers) may have infiltrated NL’s systems and stole the architecture and plans for the chip. I believe I may know some of the group members involved in this scheme in both WA & TX States, as well as Costa Rica. I do not want to go into further detail here, however if a leader from your organization could please reach out to me asap, ideally by email to setup a time to meet in-person or via cam, that would be great. The Gang Stalkers are still terrorizing me and deleting my reports and communication on the matter, making it extremely challenging to get the attention of Local, State and even Federal law authorities. Please reach out to me asap at 512-839-4511 / / David Adam Timm. Thank you!


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