How Much Will Neuralink’s Brain Implant Cost

Elon Musk spent a lot of his money developing Neuralink. He has invested $100 million of his own money into a company that is developing implantable brain-machine interfaces, and he recently unveiled Neuralink’s new $20 million robotic surgeons.

Neuralink also recently revealed its brand new V.09 chip, which is a huge improvement over its previous prototype, the N1 sensor. The new V.09 chip is bigger but doesn’t have any external components.

The V.09 chip will be inserted into a person’s head with 1024 electrodes that are sewn into the brain. Musk says “the entire procedure of Brain Implant will be performed by Neuralink’s robotic surgeon, and he expects the surgery to end up costing only a few $1000”.

Neuralink hopes to begin human clinical trials soon. A person who has a Neuralink chip in his brain may one day be able to control a computer just by thinking. Thanks to this technology, we might one day be able to order something from Amazon just by thinking of it.

Musk is concerned about artificial intelligence around the world and believes AI smarter than humans is a bigger threat to the world than nuclear war.

He believes humans can stop AI from taking over the world if enough people adopt Neuralink technology.

Neuralink’s Brain Implant Pricing

Whenever Elon Musk comes up with an innovative idea, you know it’s going to cost, a lot of money, and Neuralink is no exception. The Neurolink Robotic Surgeon alone costs 20 million dollars to build and Musk has pumped 100 million dollars of his own money into the company.

Neuralink has received about 158 million dollars in funding so far and with that money, Musk has been able to hire profile neuroscientists and develop the costly robot neurosurgeon.

If you’re worried that having a chip implanted in your brain would put a strain on your wallet don’t be. Neuralink will be a costly procedure when it’s first introduced to the public.

But musk hopes to get the price down to a few $1000 that includes the cost of the chip and the surgery. Luckily the parts used to make the chips aren’t particularly expensive and many of the same materials are used to make smartphones.

Would you pay for a Neuralink chip if it was cheaper than an iPhone it doesn’t take a genius like a Musk? To see the potential in Neuralink Elon Musk wants to sell a Neuralink chip to anyone who wants one.

Don’t worry Musk isn’t forcing you to have a chip implanted into your brain. It may seem like musk wants to take over the world but he’s not going to go that far.


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  1. Please reach out to me to be on the list of the first to have this done for my grandson. He has MS and is stuck in a wheel chair. He is a husband and father of 4 kids. He needs his life back.

  2. I’ve been implanted with such a device without my permission and I only found out about 2 years ago. I can’t get cooperation with the ones that have done this. It’s much further advanced than any demo I’ve ever seen. It’s causing me extreme pain and has almost taken over my life. I’m a very I’ll 61 year old woman. I have to get this removed before I die. Please please help me.

  3. With the implant it has been controlling my life. I’ve suffered extreme damage and invasive procedure without my permission or I was drugged. The privacy invasion is unbearable. I’m in Arkansas. Please I know who did this and am being treated like it’s a mental health issue. I must have it removed safely.

  4. I know that a person related to my family works for Musk, isn’t that ironic. The capabilities of the implant is unbelievable. It communicates with me. It controls my sleep, my gait as I walk. All senses of my body. I’m at the mercy of the programmers. They have become a constant source of privacy invasion, bank information, emails and my passwords. Reads every thing I see, hears everything, has begun to steal personal information from my friends and their privacy. The programmers store all information I am privy to. Then have used this information to steal from me. And personal information from my friends and business contacts. I’ve almost shutdown my life to protect the privacy of others. I was told I gave permission but that is not true. I’ve no where to turn. I’ve almost committed suicide thinking I was crazy. I’m afraid to have any medical procedures for fear of further damage.

  5. Hai this is Daksha… baby of rishiv when he was 2years old he was suffering from brain tumour and he as got twice surgery and brain shunt vp shunt right side after surgery vision loss no orally taking food he is in rails tube from 1year and very milestones stopped after surgery later now he as finished 16chemo cycles and every therapies is on going but no response I believe in god please help me friends…


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