Neuralink: Lifesaver or Destroyer? – With Young Lina Amiroune

Neuralink: Lifesaver or Destroyer?: Close your eyes, imagine a world free of disease. A world where we are all connected to technology. A world where we are technology. No more dyslexia, Nor cancer or autism, blindness, Alzheimer all gone with our minds,

We could control any piece of technology even have a credit card embedded within our hands. A brand new Gucci purse at your fingertips. Literally, we would be one step away from immortality well that’s what Neuralink is aiming for.

The Neuralink is a brain chip that allows you to connect to any piece of technology and talk to it. The teacher asks a question and you haven’t been paying attention, no problem, with the Neuralink just think of the answer and let the teacher praise your answer.

Lose the remote under the sofa again and too lazy to look for it, no problem, with the Neuralink just think of Netflix and it’ll appear.

Elon Musk initially established Neuralink in order to cure several neurological disorders. But its purpose has broadened building towards the unimaginable immortality.

Let’s say pretty absurd right but anything’s possible if you’ve got enough Nerve Ginny Weasley. And Yes that was a Harry Potter reference then again as many say “Life is only precious because it ends“.

What if someone hacks Neuralink
Neuralink: Lifesaver or Destroyer

Let’s say musk succeeds I can think of quite a few things that could go wrong. I really hope this thing has top-notch security because What if someone hacks Neuralink thus hacks your brain doesn’t even want to think about what could happen next.

But we can use it in many ways, Police could use it to track criminals and extract key evidence from their minds.

Here’s another theory What if the person who installs it in you, is waiting for it an evil scientist temple agent and he has a program to track you. Knowing where you are, what you’re thinking, and when you’re thinking. He could control you or even worse command you to take over the world.

Okay, that’s quite a stretch but hey nothing’s impossible. I also really really hope that this thing has unlimited storage if that even exists. Because if you go to say ‘Russia’ and you need to get food no one speaks English so obviously you download Russian within your brain link.

But suddenly a memory disappears to leave space for the Russian download. Gradually you’ll end up having no memories of yourself, not knowing who you are, your families, your favorite book, your favorite food.

Then in short the things that define you, the things that make you unique, the things that make you You.

The Neuralink will turn into a dementor slowly sucking away your soul. You’ll be like a machine smart but soulless.

Finally, I just want to say that Musk might be a bit too ambitious. I do believe he is an incredible scientist and has accomplished some amazing feats.

But if he’s planning a vitality, he’s technically planning to be a god he’d become our very own evil roman emperors like Caligula Nero. Why not give us the ability to fly and teleport too.

I read he wants to give us telepathy capability and the power to talk to machines. Is this an extract from the keeper of velocities or what?

At the last, I just want to say that not having a fixed opinion means I’m not on any side but will we be controlling the machines or will they end up controlling us.


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